It’s Friday I’m in Love with….Banana Nice Dream!!

“I scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream!!”

Except in body it goes like this:

“I scream! I scream! I scream when I eat ice cream!”

The cramps. The bloat. The YUCK that dairy does to my body leaves me screaming (k, really just like moaning and complaining). But who doesn’t enjoy it from time to time? Well, truth be told, I don’t anymore because the resulting discomfort and follow-up hangover effect makes that frozen dessert zero worth it. BUT, I do love a frosty treat just like the next gal. Sooooooooooo…at our place,

 I’m dishin’ out Banana Nice Dream!


I first saw this recipe in a Whole Foods coupon circular and then Rip Esselstyn has a version of it in his Engine 2 Diet. Here’s how I made it this week.

Banana Nice Dream:

4 frozen bananas

1-2 drops of pure vanilla extract

A “bit” of vanilla almond milk

(The amount of non-dairy is left to the chef to decide….if you’re goin’ for soft serve, obviously add more. Want it thicker? Just add less.)

I usually mix this up in my Ninja (still holding out for the Vitamix fairy to deliver my dream blender), but this time I tried it in my food processor. LOVED how creamy this made it!


Everyone had plenty and there was still some left over!


Today we had the pleasure of having the super fun and fantastic Kristine and Kalia Stein over and a bonus drop-in visit by my fabulous mama (“Mimi”) just in the knick of time for lunch. Having just moved and unpacked, I rediscovered that I had these dessert dishes of my Grandmom’s and so chose to serve the frozen fun in those. The nostagia of eating homemade “banana ice cream” like my Dad made growing up in my Grandmom’s dishes made the impromptu “let’s whip up a fun treat” moment all the more fun, but this stuff is stand-alone delicious and would’ve tasted great out of dixie cup.


Of note….check out the SIZE of these dessert dishes!! Ummm…..when is the last time any of us have eaten out of perfectly portioned dishes like this when serving dessert? Will resist the urge to get on a soap box….since it’s all about LOVE today…but I may have just prompted a blog post idea. :-)

Some variations we might try next time….

Peach Nice Dream (This will be DIVINE when the Farmer’s Market opens and you can get the BEST PEACHES EVER!

Strawberry Nice Dream

Strawberry-Banana Nice Dream

Banana Coconut Nice Dream (just made with unsweetened coconut flakes)

I’ve also added a sprinkle of carob powder or cinammon or nutmeg

Oh the fruit you can blend!! And the best part?? It’s actually good for you!!








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  1. Diana Urbina says:

    Oh, haha, she is the one who shared the link LOLOLOL oooops, it’s early.

  2. Diana Urbina says:

    I just happened to click on this link to check out the recipe and there was Kristine, a friend who I knew back in her California days. That was interesting! haha. Love the recipes and your page! Keep ’em coming!

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